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Services CISC

A) Integral Risk

-Strategic business-intelligence

B) Political Risk

-Consulting Political risks
-Monitoring Political risks

C) Risk Safety

CISC provides professional assistance to our clients corporate security, and understand and treat their security risks. This may be in support of a project period of change, expansion, or to address a specific need for security. Our team of security design also helps integrate security measures in construction designs.

Using a risk methodology ISO31000, our approach to consulting is delivered by a team of experienced consultants, supported by our analysts, researchers, instructors and others as needed. For longer projects, CISC, embedded consulting business customers to fill management consulting and analysis of internal security.

In addition to consulting, our consultants provide specialized security risk managers faced with complex and sensitive issues advice. Identifies and examines the threats and risks to customers and ensure mitigation strategy is properly centered and without wasting many resources. We work with senior managers, safety managers, general managers and others to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet your business objectives. This often begins with a strategic assessment of security risks before developing the guideline executive security. CISC can help with the creation and improvement of the design of corporate policies, standards and safety plans of the company.

Our management consultancy security focuses on people and includes managing the implementation of safety assessment, external suppliers, and operational planning and implementation.

CISC can advise security managers in many areas: monitoring force or hiring security systems, development of operational processes or trial. By incorporating a consultant, CISC can provide customers the extra capacity for a specific need or to drive change.

D) Operational Security services

Training and safety awareness.

E) Crisis management

The first step in effective crisis management is to understand the threats and risks specific and unique to your organization, using an analysis of business impact, we help clients understand their vulnerability. With an understanding of our client, culture and business environment, our consultants can begin to plan and implement crisis management system. We will help integrate plans crisis management structures, incorporating the response and recovery plans that may exist or may need. We help you select and implement tools for incident reporting, communication with internal and external stakeholders, and the collection and dissemination of information.

F) Safety training

Preparation for crisis management and response kidnapping, security management, environment hostile and training of security awareness

G) Safety rating

The organization plans provide comprehensive risk management strategies and responses to protect your employees and help your business function more efficiently.

About CISC

Our unique combination of services, the geographical scope and the trust our customers place in us, ensures we can effectively help them solve their problems.

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